Bolthouse Farms MAIO Yogurt Spread

Eating healthier doesn’t mean you have to eat boring food.

Bolthouse Farms sent me their MAIO yogurt spread in three flavors; plain, garlic and Chipotle. My favorite is the Chipotle flavor which has a nice kick to it. All three flavors were are not greasy like traditional mayonnaise because it’s not mayonnaise. No eggs were harmed in making these yogurt spread. It’s a healthy and clean alternative to mayo and does the trick mayonnaise does — making your sandwich or Deviled Eggs creamy.  It has a clean taste and doesn’t have a lot of preservatives which I’m really big on.  And the good part is, it doesn’t taste like you’re eating yogurt.

I would definitely buy these for sandwiches, corn on a cob, and even tacos. Yes, tacos! It’s really good on tacos.


Thank you for the yogurt spread @bolthousefarms !

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