Drip Line Oakland | Pumpkin Kaya Toast


On a Sunday morning @Sugar_Addict and I made a quick stop at Drip Line in West Oakland for a little treat.  I had never been there during that time of the day so I was surprised that they were that busy.

I absolutely love the kaya toast that the cafe serves up. For the fall season, they had a pumpkin kaya toast which was very good but I still like the kaya toast with pandan infused sweet coconut butter a lot better. The coconut butter is light enough to eat on its own.  Perhaps they can make an ice cream with it for the summer.

As we sat at the window eating the kaya toast, we looked around and were eyeing all the dishes that were being brought out to other customers. We definitely need to make another trip soon.

I love that the owner Nora is always there overseeing the flow of the cafe, creating new recipes and chatting with the customers.

I had a turmeric latte which I didn’t know had no caffeine. Next time, I’m getting a shot of espresso in it. The taste is not as strong as I would’ve imagined which is a good thing.  The color of the drink is definitely very Instagram worthy. Speaking of photo-worthy images, I requested a black plate for my toast and my request was met.  I really appreciate my weird request being met. Thank you Drip Line!


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