Vien Huong | The Best Noodles in Oakland Chinatown

Growing up, my parents didn’t take us out often for food but when they did, they took us to Vien Huong.  My parents would always order fishcake, kidney stir-fry and we’ll also get the #21, the chew chao ho fun.

When I got older and too cool to hang out with my parents, I’d go to Vien Huong with my friends, sometimes even during school hours. That was always a big mistake because we always ran into people we knew, like my uncles.  Luckily, I was never spotted by my parents there while ditching school.

The interior (tables) has recently changed a little. Finally! The prices have gone up a little and the restaurant started selling their housemade hot sauce at local grocery chains. But after many years of eating at VH, the food is still the same–comfortingly delicious.

VH is one of the few places I would take someone to if they were visiting from out of town.  The food is not only good, service is quick and prices are decent.  The staff isn’t rude, but don’t expect them to chit-chat with you. Although, once one of them asked us how the food was which honestly shocked me.  It might’ve been because of my blonde Asian girlfriend who accompanied me that day. Yes, that was it.  I love to wash down my noodles with a cup of iced Vietnamese coffee.  The coffee also helps with the food coma.

One thing most people might not know is that this place is so good several places have attempted to do the same thing but failed.  There are “rumors” that a relative stole the recipe(s) and opened up his own business (and failed?). Again, this is just a rumor.  I would love to sit down one day and hear it from the source.  And on a really random note: Shandong is nasty. There, I said it publicly.

Tip: If you want more flavor in your dish, have them put the soup on the side. Then just add a tablespoon or four of their expensive hot sauce. Park behind the Salvation Army. It’s only $2 bucks and there’s a guy who watches your car for you.  It’s packed during lunch time but people eat and leave really quickly.

Opening hours are 7:30am until 4:00pm


712 Franklin St
Oakland, CA 94607 
b/t 7th St & 8th St 
Oakland Chinatown


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