Thanksgiving During Covid 19

Thanksgiving 2020

The Covid 19 pandemic has been hard on everyone throughout the world. I isolated myself for the first month and only saw the cashiers at the grocery store.  Being such a social butterfly my body wasn’t happy at all, I was experiencing what appeared to be social withdrawals.

My first IRL conversation since SIP (Shelter In Place) was with a man in a bakery line.  We didn’t talk about anything significant but I remember how good it felt to have a conversation with someone in person even if we were 6 feet apart.

I did video calls with friends but I needed something more. I needed face to face interaction. I needed to do what I love the most — to eat and drink with friends.  

In late May my two friends and I decided to do a social distant picnic. That was the start of our weekly feast and the beginning of my bartending career (kidding!). I can’t begin to tell you how therapeutic it was to get together every Saturday to eat, drink and vent about our frustrations and to also share old stories. We made the best out of what we had.  I knew we were very lucky to have that space and time together because not everyone was able to do that. It was even more apparent when Thanksgiving came around. 

A few days before Thanksgiving my family decided to cancel Thanksgiving dinner.  It was unfortunate but it worked out perfectly fine.  Plan B was a Thanksgiving feast for two with one of the friends who wasn’t able to fly home to the East Coast. We ate good like we always do. 

My friend made ribeye roast. I made twice cooked potatoes with pancetta and crème fraîche, glazed pearl onions with balsamic and my favorite dish confit byaldi (tap for recipe).  For dessert I bought a coconut cream pie (we ate only two slices).  To wash this all down I got a couple bottles of wine from my friend’s shop (Doc’s Wine Shop in Hayward).  Before dinner I made a simple charcuterie board with CowGirl Creamy cheese and a French triple cream brie.  We were in a food coma by 7pm. 

It wasn’t the Thanksgiving I was hoping for but it was one of the best ones. I even figured out how to get the baking dish for the confit byaldi clean looking after baking it. (Bake and wrap in foil, the moister will make rubbing the residue off a lot easier).   

This year I am very thankful to have a handful of friends I could safely quarantine with.  I am also very thankful that no one I personally know has died from Covid 19 or have suffered significantly from it.

Thanksgiving 2020

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